Granger Bay

Granger Bay was named after a Captain Robert Granger, a merchant and owner of five ships.

In 1647 a ship named the Haarlem ran aground at what was later named Granger Bay and 62 VOC sailors survived there for a year from the available resources and from the soil. Their home was a fort made from the ship's salvage.

This experience and their subsequent report may have played a role in the VOC’s decision to establish a supply base at the Cape.

The fleet that picked up the Haarlem castaways included a young company merchant, Jan van Riebeeck. Van Riebeeck was returning to Holland in disgrace, accused of private trading. He later volunteered to lead the expedition to the Cape to establish a permanent base.

Slipway at Oceana Power Boat Club in Granger Bay

Slipway at Oceana Power Boat Club in Granger Bay (photo: Peter Southwood)


  • Decimal degrees: -33.900559 (Latitude) 18.417858 (Longitude)
  • Degrees, Minutes & Seconds: S33 54 02 (Latitude) E18 25 04 (Longitude)
  • GPS: S 33 54.034 (Latitude) E 18 25.071 (Longitude)
  • UTM: 34S 261237 (X) 6245868 (Y)


Beach Road, Granger Bay, Cape Town

... also in the Granger Bay.